When A Virgo Man Pulls Away 5 Subtle Ways to Get Him Back (2023)

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Last Updated on February 9, 2023

When a Virgo man suddenly stops texting and pulls away, it can be confusing and even a bit disheartening.

But don’t despair! There are ways to understand why he’s doing this and how to handle the situation.

Read on to learn more about what could be going on in his head when he stops texting and pulling away from you.


5 Key Takeaways

1. A Virgo man may pull away and stop texting if he is feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

2. It is important to give a Virgo man space when he needs it, as this will help him to process his feelings and come back to the relationship stronger.

3. Communication is key in any relationship, so make sure to talk openly and honestly with your Virgo partner about what you are feeling.

4. Showing patience and understanding can go a long way in helping a Virgo man feel comfortable enough to open up again after pulling away.

5. If the distance between you persists for too long, you might want to consider the advice in this video, which explains how to sow the seeds of desire via text.

When a Virgo Man Stops Texting

When A Virgo Man Pulls Away 5 Subtle Ways to Get Him Back (1)I know how easy it is to get down and depressed when a Virgo man pulls away and you may or may not have any idea how or why it happens.

The guy born under this zodiac sign controlled by the planet Mercury is usually a deep thinker who keeps his cards close to his chest.

It is sometimes hard to get him to, open up, and express his true feelings, but the good news is there are many reasons why he acts this way.

You may be confused that things were going great and wondering if it is you that unconsciously pushed him away.

Well, it is important that you don’t jump to unfounded conclusions and look at things rationally.

I am here to tell you that it is not unusual for a Virgo guy to pull away and will explain why it happens and how you can determine if he seriously wants a break.

A man born under this zodiac sign has characteristics that make him driven and focused on the future and career opportunities.

If you are pushing him for more attention he may feel pressured and withdraws.

What if there was a way to give him his space but be assured that you were always his main focus?

Well, there is…..

Relationship expert Amy North explains in this video some simple yet powerful techniques that can be texted to your Virgo man that will make him think about you and want to be with you.

His zodiac sign suggests that he is a man who needs his own space sometimes.

He may have the pressure of work commitments or maybe you are coming on too strong without realizing it.

Whatever the reason this article will help you understand more about the way he thinks andalso proven techniques to get him to focus back on you.

Do you have cause for concern that your Virgo boyfriend has pulled back and suddenly stopped texting you? Are you confused and asking yourself, Why? Why? Why?

It can be upsetting, frustrating, and confusing when a Virgo boyfriend you are head over heels for suddenly stops responding to your text messages!

It puts you in a difficult situation of not wanting to chase after him but being desperate for his company.

If you are in such a scenario, you’re probably wondering what you could have done to upset your Virgo crush. or why he has suddenly stopped liking you? or whether he is okay?

I’m sure, you like me know that it is no good chasing a Virgo man, this could just drive him further away.

You need to be able to get his attention and make him remember the desire he felt for you in the beginning.

Don’t despair, there is a system that has proved very successful for many women in your position that I think may help you.

It has been developed by leading relationship expert Amy North and is called Text Chemistry.

Amy’s system uses carefully worded messages that can be sent by text with meanings that are absorbed into the subconscious mind of your Virgo crush.

This allows you to stay in the thoughts of your guy without pressurizing him and also allows him the time to pace the relationship.

I have reviewed Amy’s program so that you can decide if you think this will help to reinforce your relationship and you can read my article here.

If you prefer you can watch a short video in which Amy herself explains Text Chemistry here.

What’s more, it could be you are also wondering why he has not been open with you. Maybe if he felt that the relationship wasn’t working?

All these questions are normal in a relationship with a Virgo man, but text chemistry is a proven technique to make him re-focus his attention on you and only you.

When a Virgo Man Pulls Away – What You Can Do

As you try to figure out what could have gone wrong, it is important that you get to understand the personality of your Virgo crush.

Familiarizing yourself with the qualities a Virgo man wants in a woman can also give you a clue about ghosting.

For instance, a common trait of Virgo men is that they rarely talk about their feelings and it can be quite hard to decode them.

In addition, Virgo men are very cautious more so with relationships, and they prefer to take things slowly.

With regard to the type of woman a Virgo man wants. He is obviously attracted to looks but honesty and independence are high on his want list.

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What to do when he stops calling and texting.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so never underestimate your worth. Finding a connection is the secret to a long and happy future.

The link below will take you to an article I wrote explaining the importance of sending correctly worded messages in a text.

Men and women are totally different emotionally. A lot of women make the mistake of wording a text message along the lines of how they would like to receive it.

Men think differently about situations and it is so important that you send your messages that have the right impact on their brains.

To get him to focus entirely on you, click the link below.

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Having said that, this article will give you insights into some of the reasons a Virgo man ghosted you when you thought he was your perfect match.

The Top 5 Reasons Why a Virgo Man has Pulled Away

There are many reasons why your Virgo crush stopped texting you out of nowhere.

More so when you thought your relationship with him was making good progress. They include:

He’s Undecided

As mentioned earlier, Virgo men are very careful and particular about the kind of woman they want to date.

Before a Virgo fella commits himself to you, he wants to be sure that you are a woman he can spend the rest of his life with.

He wants a woman he can trust, and one who is independent, intelligent, a good cook, and honest, just to mention but a few.

Therefore, your Virgo crush could have disappeared because he isn’t quite sure about you yet. If your Virgo man seems suddenly distant it’s a sure sign that you may be crowding him.

He may have been misreadingsignals from you about whether he should have a romantic relationship with you.

So, no matter how hard it can be, the best thing you can do is to give him space and time to figure things out.

It can be quite frustrating for a woman who has the hots for a Virgo guy. This particular star sign for a man can create uncertainties in his characteristics.

Several women have approached me asking the same questions, so I decided to write a separate article ‘ Why are Virgo men so complicated’? I hope this will give you a clearer picture of finding romance.

He May Be Upset

Cold treatment is a thing for Virgo males. When a Virgo guy is feeling emotional, he is likely to pull a disappearing act or distance himself.

So, it could be that your Virgo crush is annoyed about something he might not be willing to share with you now.

If that is the case, it is important that you give him time to cool off before you can try reaching out to him.

Virgo men do not like to be chased because it gives them a feeling of being ‘boxed in’.

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He’s Busy With His Work

Virgo men are very hard-working and conscientious. Even close to the border of being a workaholic.

If they get interested in a project they tend to focus on it completely, and sometimes forget about everything else around them.

The fact that your Virgo boyfriend stopped communicating with you because he’s busy may not be convincing, but it does happen.

Your Virgo partner may still care about you, but unfortunately, his work may be taking all his time.

This is one of the harsh realities of dating a Virgo man. Sometimes, getting a Virgo man’s attention is all about giving him some space.

The best thing you can do in such a situation is to take care of yourself by looking at other interests but secretly staying in touch.

This then allows you to have interesting topics to talk to him about when he comes out of his space.

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You’re Pushing Him

As mentioned earlier, a Virgo guy likes taking his time before allowing a woman into his life.

He doesn’t like being pushed or rushed into making decisions about a relationship.

So, your Virgo crush may have ghosted you because you were probably pushing him to make a commitment.

When dating a Virgo guy, it is always advisable to be patient and let him make the first move.

However, letting him know that you have eyes for him is a plus, but avoid rushing him.

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Sending The Correct Words in a Text

Nowadays we have become very familiar with mobile phones and sending text messages.

Sometimes our fingers are moving faster than our brains across the keys.

This may cause us to send messages that have not been thought out and are possibly misunderstood.

The link below takes you to a video that may help you restore the connection with your Virgo crush.

Relationship expert James Bauer has discovered an important characteristic in a Virgo male. This is overlooked by women but could have a major effect on a relationship.

Watch this short video in which James explains his findings. I hope it helps.

You’re Clingy Without Realizing it!

Although Virgo fellas are very helpful and supportive of the ones they care for, their desire is to be with an independent woman.

Therefore, another reason why your Virgo boyfriend has stopped contacting you could be that you’re coming across as needy, or desperate.

A Virgo man needs to know that you have the ability to lead an independent life and that you do not need him to be happy.

For instance, habits such as persistent calling and double-texting can portray you as someone who is needy and desperate.

This will make him feel pressured, and although he still wants you he may not be able to explain why he needs space.

What’s more, a Virgo partner wants to see you making an effort to make ends meet by having a career, for instance.

You may find it useful to read a review I did recently on a work by a renowned astrologer and relationship expert.

In it, she explains in detail the complex characteristics of a Virgo guy. It may help you to understand the type of guy you are hankering after. Take A Look Here.

He’s no longer Interested

When a Virgo man falls in love, he tends to hang on to a relationship regardless of whether it is working or not.

However, when he eventually admits to himself that there’s nothing he can do to mend the relationship, he is likely to pull a disappearing act. Another reason why he has stopped texting you.

Is it possible you have inadvertently made him jealous?

Virgo men are good at fighting for those they love and they can be very patient, but they also give up if they are taken for granted.

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Final Thoughts

The above reasons are not exhaustive, but they will certainly help you analyze your current situation with your Virgo crush.

Don’t give up too quickly on your Virgo guy because generally, they make excellent reliable partners.

You may just need to understand his character a little better and you can do so by reading This Report on Virgo Man Secrets which includes Sextrology.

Alternatively, if you have not watched this super video on Text Chemistry, you will never know how easy it is to get his attention back when a Virgo man pulls away.

I hope you found this article helpful, there are lots more regarding situations with a Virgo guy on my website https://virgomen.net.

Why not bookmark my site for future reference? You never know when you may need help with a Virgo man! I hope you find love and happiness.

My joy is in giving


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