December 7 Zodiac (Sagittarius) Horoscope & Info (2023)

People born on December 7 are Sagittarius. They were born during the second decan of this sign.

The planets Jupiter and Mars work together to influence their personality and destiny. They are passionate and courageous.

People born on December 7 are known for their dedication. They have strong convictions and their sense of morality guides them in every decision.

Though they are righteous, they also know how to have a good time. People born on this date appreciate life’s pleasures. They enjoy parties and love to travel.

December 7 Sagittarius people are headstrong and love to debate. They can be willful but good-natured. They want to improve society and have strong opinions about right and wrong.

December 7 Info

DateDecember 7
SignSagittarius ♐︎
StrengthsAdventurous, Devoted, Moralistic
WeaknessesIntense, Self-righteous, Judgmental
Opposite signGemini ♊︎
Best matchGemini, Aries, Sagittarius
Worst matchCapricorn, Pisces, Cancer
BirthstoneTurquoise, Zircon, Tanzanite
Tarot birth cardsThe Magician, Wheel of Fortune, The Sun
Angel number1
Spirit animalsBeluga Whale, Seahorse, Tardigrade

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December 7 Sagittarius people have a grand vision for the future. They want to help others expand their thinking. They are intelligent and creative, often scheming their way to success.

They are ambitious but not greedy. Their goal is to rise to the top and use wealth in philanthropic ways. They make friends quickly, and their loud and controversial nature is endearing.

Though they can be intense, people born on this date usually make a good impression. They get the attention of influential people. December 7 Sagittarius can talk to people from any walk of life and fit right in.

They are bound for careers in politics, law, medicine, the military, or academia. A December 7 birthday makes people spontaneous and eager to seek the truth. They are concerned with wisdom and justice.

They can be philosophical but also militant, often attracted to extreme beliefs. Their dedication to values makes them ideal activists and advocates as they walk their talk and live by their morals.

Of all the zodiac sign dates, Sagittarius people born on December 7 are particularly strong-willed and persistent. They accomplish amazing things at a young age because they are confident and determined.


For people born on December 7, life is about growing, learning, and uplifting others. They often follow a strict ethical code and believe it is their mission to enlighten others and ensure society progresses.

December 7 Sagittarius people are born to share their wisdom, and sometimes they take this to heart. They can preach about their beliefs and become frustrated if people don’t follow their advice.

Yet they are also cheerful and optimistic. They have a good sense of humor and love to have fun. They give others the benefit of the doubt but can be judgmental if they think others are acting unethically.

Their life lessons involve finding the balance between helping others to expand their vision and not being self-righteous. They have to learn to accept others as they are and not condemn people for following different beliefs.

People born on this date are on a mission to improve society. They must be careful not to be too heavy-handed when encouraging individuals to change.

Of all the zodiac signs, people born on this date have a special gift for making connections. They never overlook an opportunity to meet new people. They’re excellent networkers and understand how to see the big picture.

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Positive Traits

A Sagittarius person born on December 7 has many admirable qualities. They are conscientious, philosophical, generous, and energetic. They encourage others and can be enthusiastic and uplifting.

People born on this date are intelligent. They have a thirst for learning and love to explore culture and history. December 7 Sagittarius is an extrovert who thrives in the company of others.

They are friendly and love to talk but are also excellent listeners. They enjoy learning new things from other people, especially people from different cultures or backgrounds.

Negative Traits

You can say very few negative things about someone born on December 7. Their flaws relate to their intensity and drive to change. They want people to follow their lead and can be bossy.

But their hearts are in the right place. They believe they are doing what is best for others. Still, they can be preachy and self-righteous if they are not careful.

People born on this date can be militant. They go to extremes when they get involved in a group or cause. They try to be protective but can be dogmatic and turn others off.

December 7 Sagittarius’s horoscope is associated with an overbearing personality. People born on this date can be judgmental if they believe they are right and you are wrong.


Sagittarius compatibility in friendship is easy. People born on this date are kind to almost anyone. When it comes to romance, some signs have the best compatibility. Sagittarius compatibility depends on a few factors.

Their partner can’t be too clingy. They need an independent and optimistic person in their life. They also don’t tolerate people who are too emotional.

Their best matches are people born under the sign of Aries, Gemini, and others born under Sagittarius. They are one of the rare signs that can make a relationship work with others of the same sign.

December 7 Sagittarius’s compatibility with Aries is strong. They share an influential planet, Mars. Sagittarius helps Aries open their mind and explore new things. Aries brings excitement and adventure to Sagittarius’s life.

December 7 Sagittarius’s compatibility with Gemini is based on harmony between their elements, fire, and air respectively. Sagittarius people encourage Gemini to explore a world beyond their comfort zone.

Gemini people can impress Sagittarius people born on December 7 with their intellect. This pair inspires each other. They are unique enough to keep each other interested but have much common ground as a couple.

Although also an air sign like Gemini, Sagittarius’s compatibility with Libra is not as strong. Libras need to be a constant companion when they’re in love. Sagittarius people born on December 7 are too independent for them.

When it comes to romance, there are a few signs that won’t work with Sagittarius born on this date. Capricorn, Pisces, and Cancer have no common ground with Sagittarius.

Capricorn is traditional and routine-oriented. They make Sagittarius born on December 7 feel stifled. This pair will only frustrate each other if they try to build a life together.

Pisces is too emotional and sensitive. They are spiritual and imaginative, which fascinates Sagittarius, but this couple has little in common. December 7 Sagittarius tries to encourage Pisces to try new things.

But Pisces needs excessive reassurance. Sagittarius finds this tedious. Pisces craves intimacy, not an adventure. Sagittarius starts to feel suffocated in the relationship.

Sagittarius compatibility with Cancer is low on the list. Cancer is also too emotional for Sagittarius. They are insecure, and their cautious side brings Sagittarius down. People born on December 7 need spontaneity, but Cancer can’t fulfill this desire.


Sagittarius people born on December 7 speak their minds for better or worse. Their devotion to truth makes them blunt and abrupt. They don’t sugarcoat their message.

When someone is born on this date, you can expect them to be honest about what is on their mind. Ask what they think of your outfit, and Sagittarius tells you without regard for your feelings.

People who appreciate this direct approach love their honesty. But those with thin skin can easily be offended by their bold nature. Sagittarius people born December 7 prefer being direct even if it costs them friendships.

They prefer to text briefly as they don’t like to take their attention away from whatever they’re doing. Don’t be surprised if they send texts with only a few words at a time.

Never try to get a December 7 Sagittarius to open their heart or send lengthy text messages. It’s not their style. They’ll feel overwhelmed and pressured if you try.

The December zodiac signs are known for being intense. Sagittarius people born on December 7 have an assertive communication style. They may overwhelm some people, but they get their message across.


Sagittarius people born on December 7 are attracted to bold, creative, courageous, and intelligent people. You can find them in social settings and popular hang-out spots.

Support local, ethical businesses if you want to meet someone born on this date. Take a college class. Show up at fundraisers to benefit human interest groups.

You can also meet them at galas and cultural events. They love to be where people are working toward progress. Yet they are also attracted to power and social influence.

Trendy spots are a favorite place for them to hang out. Just take note of problematic places. People born on this date are conscientious of trying to make the best choices in the businesses they support.


Dating a December 7 Sagittarius can be thrilling, as long as you don’t expect them to commit immediately. People born on this date are highly independent. They may date several people at once.

They see dating as an enjoyable process. Unlike many other signs, they love meeting new people and crave variety. Eventually, they begin dating exclusively. But it takes time for them to reach this phase.

Don’t compete with their other dates. The best way to their heart is to be the most fun person they are dating. Keep your focus on pleasure, and you’ll be their top choice.

They enjoy dates to places like literary events, educational workshops, and cultural festivals and events. They also enjoy concerts, dances, parties, and galas. Their interests range from serious to fun and games.

Ideal Sagittarius dates for people born on December 7 need variety. They love a full range of experiences. An adventure movie or thriller combined with dancing at a festival with uplifting music, for example.


People born on December 7 fall in love with the way a person makes them feel. You don’t have to impress them by being perfect. Instead, focus on creating a fun and exciting experience.

They fall in love with you when they get to see that your time with them is an adventure. When a Sagittarius born on this date falls in love, they want to travel with you. Staying home and having a quiet, peaceful life is not for them.

They would rather have a packed schedule of events and go to different parties with you every. They are not vulnerable and expressive in love.

You’ll know a December 7 Sagittarius is in love with you when they text you while they’re traveling. Someone born on this date is in love when they talk about the future and the adventures they want to have with you.

They don’t always say they love you. People born on this date have a fear of commitment. But they show their love through their actions. They’ll hassle you to quit your bad habits.

They encourage you to follow their lead and get involved in their hobbies. When a person born on this date loves you, they still spend time on their own. They’re independent, even when in love.

Give them breathing room and never make them jealous to try to test them. December 7 Sagittarius people have a temper you don’t want to trigger.


People born on December 7 love being friends. They have a hard time choosing partners because they fear commitment. They don’t want to be stifled or confined.

But they can be faithful and passionate partners if you give them time to make up their minds. Never give an ultimatum. Instead, let them take the time they need to define the relationship.

Often, they are friends with someone for years before becoming serious in a relationship. When someone born under this sign falls in love, they may still dance around their feelings.

They may become jealous but won’t make the relationship official right away. When they do define a relationship, they’re quick to set boundaries. They change their relationship status on social media.

They want to let the world know they are with you. People born on this date must continue their social life even in a relationship. Don’t try to get them to stay home with you.

Instead, join them on their many ventures and crusades. They love to be in relationships with active people. Plan on traveling if you are in a serious relationship with someone born on this date.


When someone born on December 7 is in a long-term relationship, they see no reason to marry. People born on this date are often independent and unconventional.

They see marriage as an option but not a necessity. If you want to encourage them to marry, the best thing is to downplay how important it is. Don’t pressure them. Instead, explain how marriage is important to your culture.

When someone born on December 7 is married, they expect to continue to be independent and free thinking. They fear marriage because they associate being married with losing freedom.

If you expect a December 7 Sagittarius to settle down because they are married, you’re in for a surprise. Reassure them that they still have their independence. Encourage them to pursue their interests and passions.


December 7 Sagittarius people are highly sexually motivated. One of the few times they aren’t thinking of sex is when they are engrossed in work or planning their next creative project.

Aside from these occasions, people born on this date need consistent sexual encounters. They are passionate and curious. They love to experiment.

Their secret sexual fantasy is to have as many different partners as possible. They can enjoy sex without emotional attachment and are curious about trying new things in the bedroom.

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