Best Skimboards Reviewed [Top 6 In 2022] Top Brands & Models (2023)

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There’s tons of different types, shapes, and materials available for skimboards.

Whether you’re wondering if a fiberglass board is really worth it or if there’s any difference between two shapes, you’ll find the answers here. We’ve looked at a bunch of skimboards to help you find your best board.


We want you to make the best purchase so you can have the most fun skimboarding.

We’ll look at wooden boards, soft top boards, and fiberglass boards to help you understand the differences and what each means so that you can get the best skimboard possible.

So, follow us and we’ll review and show you some of the best skimboards that we’ve found. Whatever you’re looking for, we have a recommendation that will best suit what you want.

Our Favorite Picks

#1 FedMax

  • Nose rocker to help you move over any waves or chop that would otherwise upset your ride.
  • Carbon reinforcing on the nose and tail give added durability on the most fragile part of board.
  • Lightweight construction makes this board great for flat water skimming or wave riding.

#2 Wavestorm

  • Soft deck is great for beginners and doesn’t require wax.
  • Durable EPS core also provides great flotation.
  • Contains rigid stringers that help the board move quickly as you ride it.

Best Skimboards Reviewed [Top 6 In 2022] Top Brands & Models (3)

(Video) Best Skimboards Reviewed & Compared in 2021 – Top 10 Selections!

#3 SlapFish

  • 48” length is optimal length for control and maneuverability for most riders.
  • Includes professionally installed grip so you won’t slip off on any turn.
  • Contains rigid stringers that help the board move quickly as you ride it.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been skimming for a while and are looking to step up your game, you can’t go wrong with Fedmax skimboard.

This board is loaded with design features, which we’ll get into, that make it great for any kind of conditions.

The first thing that stands out with the Fedmax board is that it’s made using a hybrid construction of fiberglass and carbon fiber.

The dual construction keeps your board light and easily maneuverable but also gives it extra strength on the nose and tail where most of the wear will be.

This board falls into the Goldilocks zone for size. It’s not too big but not too small either.

The Fedmax is big enough to feel stable if you’re learning. If you’ve already progressed past learning, you’ll have no trouble mastering your moves.

One of the other aspects that stands out on this board is the nose rocker. A lot of other boards ignore this crucial element and tend to nosedive when they hit water. With the Fedmax board, you’ll feel yourself sliding past any chop or bumps you might hit with ease.

Between the rocker and the lightweight construction, the Fedmax board is incredibly versatile. Whether you want to skim on the sand or try your hand at riding shorebreak, you’ll find that the Fedmax skimboard can do it all.

Besides all the great design features, your Fedmax board comes with a grip pad. Good grip is essential to safely having fun on your skimboard. You won’t have to worry about slipping off and hitting your butt on the sand since you’ll be rocking some sweet grip pads on your board.

Fedmax even hooks you up with their own tricks and tips guide. They want you to have fun skimming and their board will have you stoked.

#2 Best Skimboard Under 100 - Wavestorm

Wavestorm is among the most respected foam surfboard brands out there. So when they make a skimboard, it’s obvious that you’ll have a great option to choose from.

The Wavestorm 48” skimboard has plenty of flotation because of its EPS core and will support for anyone 185lbs.

(Video) Top 10 Best Skimboards | Reviewed by Pros Updated 2022 | Kayakfisherly

This makes it a great option for the younger skimmers out there, but it will also last for anyone who uses it.

The great thing about the Wavestorm skimboard is that it is made out of soft foam. Since it has a slick bottom, you’ll still be able to skim on it no problem.

But, you won’t have to worry about falling onto a hard surface or injuring someone else with your board since it is softer than some of the other options.

Just because it’s made out of foam doesn’t mean that you’ll have to sacrifice performance. The Wavestorm skimboard has stringers running through it that keep the board stiff so that you’ll actually be able to stay on top of the water and skim as fast as you want.

The top deck of this skimboard is made from Wavestorm’s GFT tech that not only acts as a water barrier, but also is fairly spongy and grippy.

Though added grip will help, you’ll find that, for the most part, you’ll stay on your board no problem. This will help you save since you won’t have to also buy grip with this skimboard.

#3 Best Skimboard For Adults - SlapFish

The SlapFish skimboard is no joke. It’s more performance orientated, comes with more features, and can hold more rider weight.

All of these aspects help make the SlapFish a great skimboard for adults.

The first thing to note is that you have a bunch of different color choices.

Whatever your style is, you’ll be able to find a SlapFish board that will have you stoked on its looks.

Whether you want to sand skim or ride waves, this board can do both.

Due to its lightweight, durable construction, you’ll find that the SlapFish skimboard will slide smoothly over the sand and still have enough flotation to ride waves.

As a general rule of thumb, you want your skimboard to reach around your ribs for proper control. At 48” long, you’ll find that this board will fall right in that sweet spot for most adults giving you optimal control as you skim.

To top this board off, it also comes with a grip that is professionally installed. You won’t have to worry about sloppily installing the grip or waiting for it to set before riding.

With the SlapFish skimboard, you’ll be out and skimming soon.

#4 - Best Advanced Skimboard - SlapFish Carbon

Maybe you’ve already skimmed past learning how to ride a board and are looking for a board that will take your skimming game to the next level.

Fortunately for you, the SlapFish Carbon has exactly what you’ll need to have fun doing advanced maneuvers.

Straight away, if you’re an advanced rider, you may be wondering if this board is the right size for you.

Fortunately for you, there are multiple sizes, the 41”,48”, and even up to 52”, so you’ll be set whichever way.

Secondly, the SlapFish Carbon comes a preinstalled tail grip pad and the option for a grip strip in the middle of the board.


Sure, it costs more, but it’s nice to know that it’s an option. Either way, you’ll find that you have plenty of grip to push through your bigger turns and land any tricks you try.

A great aspect about this board is that it has reinforced rails in addition to the tail and nose. As you push this board to your limits, you won’t have to worry about SlapFish Carbon skimboard falling apart on you. You’re rail will stay in great shape so you’ll be able to turn at will and hold any line.

Speaking of durability, this board has PVC core which, besides being light, is very dense. With this board, you can skim easy knowing that the tough carbon reinforced fiberglass covers just as durable of a core.

For performance, this model has slightly exaggerated nose and tail rocker. This will help you cut through the water and pivot off your back foot so you can crank radical turns at will.

#5 Best Beginner Skimboard - South Bay Board Co.

South Bay Board Co. is another top surf brand that knows what they’re doing when it comes to making rider friendly boards.

Their Skipper skimboard is just another example of a great entry level board.

The South Bay Board Co. skimboard is made from wood with a textured foam deck. The foam deck gives you the added grip, so there’s no need to mess around with wax for this board.

The wooden bottom is slick enough to slide on the sand, but will feel a little bit slower than some other boards. This will help you feel more in control as you get started.

The wood core is covered with an epoxy coating. This coating will hold your board watertight and keep it from falling apart.

Though you won’t have to worry about this board breaking any time soon, the wood body gives this board a little shorter of a lifetime than some of the other board constructions which can be a downside.

SBBC has given their skimboard nose rocker but kept the rest of the board flat. This nose rocker will help you glide over water and keep you moving smoothly. The flat rocker throughout the rest of the board gives it added speed.

Though this board is harder to turn than many of the above boards, it will feel much more stable. The stability and mellow speed make this board a great option for any beginner.

#6 Best Beginner Skimboard - BPS

The BPS Gator skimboard comes in a variety of colors. So as you get started, you can make sure that you look sick.

The BPS skimboard is a basic board that can do a little bit of everything. It is also made out of wood, but has a grippy deck so you also don’t need to wax it.

The tapered tail on this board will help water leave from under the board as you skim. So in addition to looking rad, it will also help you go fast and turn more easily.

This board is lightweight and the right size for any younger riders getting started.

With sizes that max out at a recommended rider weight of 150lbs, this board is a great option for any young beginner looking to get their feet wet in skimboarding.

Best Skimboards Reviewed [Top 6 In 2022] Top Brands & Models (10)

(Video) Best Skimboard For Beginners 2022

Best Skimboards Reviewed [Top 6 In 2022] Top Brands & Models (11)

How To Get Started

To get started skimming, you will want to make sure that you have your board waxed or covered with some kind of grip.

Usually it helps to get your board wet first and put some sand on the bottom of the nose so that your board doesn’t get blown around by the wind. If you’re a beach, wait for a wave to come up, cover the wet sand, and start to recede.

Then run, throw your board down at wet sand, and jump on to go skimming. If you are not at a beach with waves, look for a section of sand that has about an inch or two of water on it and do the same thing.


Are wood skimboards good?

Wood skimboards are the heritage of skimboarding as they are the original board construction. Typically wood boards are slower and have less float than fiberglass boards, but are often cheaper. They are better suited for skimming on the sand, but can still be used to hit the waves.

Do skimboards float?

A skimboard will float, but usually it is just enough so that you don’t lose it in the water. Don’t expect your skimboard to float you while you lay on top of it.

Are skimboards dangerous?

Skimboarding can be dangerous since you are often moving quickly over hard sand on a hard board. Abrasions from falling on the sand can be common. It is best to know your limits and exercise caution when skimming.

Are skimboards flat?

Typically skimboards have some rocker so that they are not completely flat. Most boards have rocker in the nose to help go over waves while many also have tail rocker to help with turning.

Is skimboarding easier than surfing?

When comparing the two, It is typically easier to stand and go forward on a skimboard since you don’t have to also figure out how to catch a wave. That being said, skimboarding can be more difficult if you are trying to do more tricks or wave riding.

Should you wax a skimboard?

If your skimboard has a hard deck, you should absolutely wax the top of your board for grip. Even if you have a grip strip in the front of your board, we still recommend waxing on either side so you won’t fall off.

Can you surf on a skimboard?

You cannot surf in the sense of paddling into a wave and then standing up on a skimboard. However, you can ride a skimboard out to wave from the sand and then ride the wave back in. This is best done with waves that are close to shore.

How do you use a skimboard?

To use a skimboard, you want to get a little momentum by running or jogging with the board in your hands. Once you are moving, drop your board next to your feet where there is a little bit of water on top of the sand. Once your board is down, step onto your board. That’s it. You can ride over flat sandy beaches or out towards the waves if you feel more adventurous.

Best skimboards brands?

Besides the brands that we mentioned in our review, there are also brands like Victoria, Exile, Zap, and Grape that make quality skimboards.

Final Verdict - Which Skimboard Should I Buy?

Whether you’re just starting, or already experienced, you can’t go wrong with the Fedmax skimboard. Not only can it handle skimming on flat wet sand, but it can also get out there and on a wave. Whatever your preferred style, you’ll be amped with the Fedmax.

The Fedmax skimboard has features that will help you. It is lightweight and easy to turn. It’s carbon reinforced for extra strength on the nose and tail which will also keep your board rideable for longer so you can stay stoked for longer.

Overall, we can’t recommend the Fedmax skimboard enough. Trust us when we say you’ll be amped on your new Fedmax.

OUR #1 PICK - Fedmax

Our Rating

Best Skimboards Reviewed [Top 6 In 2022] Top Brands & Models (12)

Best Skimboards Reviewed [Top 6 In 2022] Top Brands & Models (13)

written by

Jacob Hulke

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What skimboards do the pros use? ›

Carbon fiber boards are high-performance leaves that are often used by professionals. Foam models have higher floatation and are widely used by wave riders, while inland skimmers normally use wood planks because they're heavier and truly resistant.

What to look for when buying a skimboard? ›

The size of your skimboard is determined by several factors, such as your weight, height, speed (how fast you can run to catch a wave or slide), your experience, and style. Speed is one of the crucial factors. The higher speed you can achieve, the more buoyancy you get, making the skimming easier.

What is harder surfing or skimboarding? ›

Skimboarding is similar to surfing as it is also a waterboard sport. Skimboarding can be easier to learn versus surfing. However, catching and riding the waves is harder than surfing. Skimboarding is a harder sport to master than surfing for most.

How do I know my skimboard size? ›

Rule of thumb number two: get a skimboard that stands at about mid-chest height. Skimboards range between 45.00'' and 57.00'' in height, and between 17.75'' and 23.00'' in width, depending on the rider's physical characteristics, level of experience, and type of ride (waves or flat waters/surfaces).


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